The Kenny Family

March 2018

The Reformed Church Weekday Nursery School is my children's home away from home.  The teachers there create a community of love, learning and curiosity providing a priceless experience for the students and families.  I am comforted to know that my children are in the hands of skilled and educated professionals who foster a positive and fun atmosphere.  The teachers and their curriculum encourage self growth and exploration of the worlds around them while making new friends.  The classrooms are bright and cheery with floor to ceiling windows, interactive stations and a multitude of sensory opportunities.  The students are given ample time and opportunity to play outside the classroom each day whether it be on the outdoor playground or indoors in the gym.  Being outside in nature is a priority during their school day.  the student to teacher ratio makes learning accessible and intimate for each student and allows for individual attention to each student.  In addition, the parents and teacher communication is constant and welcomes!  The Three Year Old Nursery School program is the perfect introduction to school life, structure and fun while learning in a group setting.  The Pre-K Four Year Old program prepares students for kindergarten in a very organic way; a gradual introduction to kindergarten topics and expectations places students in a position to be confident and excited when entering kindergarten.  I feel lucky to be a part of this learning community and believe it is truly a neighborhood gem.  I am so thankful that RCWNS is a part of my family's 'village'.  My daughter graduated from RCWNS with a love of learning and developed a foundation for enthusiasm for her education.  My son graduates this spring and is on the same path.  They both have fond memories of their time with those they describe as some of their favorite people.  Our family has made lifetime friends at The Reformed Church Weekday Nursery School!  

Mrs. Banala

June 2018

The BEST SCHOOL in the Neighborhood!  We love the school and teachers.  My older son Vihaan was with this school and my younger son Ishaan too.  The teachers provide extra care and teach children in a very innovative way, starting with the science table, art table, blocks, reading, play dough.  They have everything a 3 year old needs and maybe more than that!  It is an amazing school.  We love Mrs. Foster, Mrs. Tomasko, Mrs. Beverley and Mrs. Hanaburgh.  Thank you! 


June 2018

RCWNS combines loving support with academic excellence in which children are able to explore and learn in a variety of ways.  The children are well prepared for kindergarten thanks to the personal touch and strong communication of the teachers at RCWNS. 

Pre-K Family

June 2018

Our son joined RCWNS at 3 years old.  Now he is 5 and we feel RCWNS was the best choice we made for him.  Through their creative approach his social, motor, language and behavioral skills developed greatly.  A big thank you to the whole team at RCWNS.  

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