Our Philosophy and Goals

Here at the Reformed Church Weekday Nursery School we believe in the importance of family and school unity. We believe that teaching is as much an art as a science. Our classrooms are warm, spacious child-centered environments. The curriculum is based on the children’s fundamental right to learn in a play-based atmosphere. The natural learning process will occur as the children interact with the teachers and each other. Our program provides hands-on learning experiences using the Discovery approach that are appropriate and effective for children of all ages and in all learning stages.

As we work with our students we keep these goals in mind:

  1. To foster a positive self-image in each child.

  2. To help children to understand and accept each other’s individual differences and similarities.

  3. To help children learn to interact with their peers and adults in a positive, cooperative way.

  4. To serve as a developmentally appropriate learning environment for all children.

  5. To support parents and families.

  6. To foster a loving community where each child and adult feels valued and valuable.

Contact Us

Tel: 845-471-0895

Email: tfoster@weekdaynurseryschool.org


70 Hooker Avenue

Poughkeepsie, NY 12601